Outstanding customer service and sooooo friendly and welcoming.

The rooms were lovely, the breakfast good, the beds comfy...but what we will remember is the incredibly personal experience we had as guests. The owners and their family really care about their new business and it just beams across. Magic to experience and sadly, so rare!


Such a beautiful spot deserved a beautiful hotel. And since taking over in 2012, that’s exactly what we set out to achieve.

Breathing new life into the décor, perfecting our full Cornish, and smartening up the service, a lot of love has gone into transforming The Lerryn.

Getting it just right takes time, so there's still some work to do, but judging by what our guests have said so far, it’s certainly been worth it. We’re chuffed to say that not only have we been awarded a certificate of excellence, we're now ranked as one of the top hotels in Falmouth by TripAdvisor.

We want everyone to feel welcome with us. Even our four-legged guests. So whether you’re a twosome or travelling solo, with teens in tow or toddlers, we can't wait to have you.

Lynne & Andy

The Lerryn Hotel

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